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<   No. 1253   2006-07-02   >

Comic #1253

1 Steve: Right. Let's go film some crocs!
1 Terry: But Jane said no crocs, Steve.
2 Steve: Crikey! Crocs encapsulate all the problems facing the world today, Terry! All we have to do is capture it!
3 Terry: Global warming? Mass extinction? Long-term climate change?
4 Steve: They've been around for millions of years! They know that stuff!

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Crocodiles and their ilk have been around for about 200 million years, placing their evolution in the early Jurassic period. If anyone's going to know about long-term climate change, it's these guys.

2015-12-07 Rerun commentary: As I write this, the 2015 El Niño is causing a significant delay to monsoon rains in northern Australia. I've seen news stories about the crocodiles up there, awaiting the rains. By this time of year, their habitats are normally wet once more after the winter dry season, during which they are restricted in their ability to travel and collect food due to the watercourses drying up. So right now there are a lot of hungry crocs up there, being forced to starve while waiting for the delayed storms.

Fortunately, crocodiles can live for several months on little or no food, and there's no serious concern yet for their wellbeing.

But yeah... crocs know this stuff. They're prepared for it.

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