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<   No. 1192   2006-05-02   >

Comic #1192

1 Mercutio: So Loren, what's your last name?
1 Loren: Ipsum.
2 {in the background Ophelia gets up and walks towards Will's desk}
2 Mercutio: "Loren Ipsum"? Ha ha ha ha ha!
3 {in the background, Ophelia looks at Will, who is still daydreaming}
3 Mercutio: The US Government hired you with a pun like that as a name? I'd have expected they'd consider that too subversive!
4 Loren: Pun?
4 Mercutio: Ah yes... no sense of humour. That explains it.

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There's been some speculation on the forums about why Loren's name doesn't seem to have anything to do with Shakespeare. Now you know. I just couldn't pass up such a hideous pun.

"Lorem ipsum" is the name of that weird pseudo-Latin text you see in page design layouts everywhere. The idea is that to get a feel for page design you need to have text there, but if it's actual readable text the people trying to judge the graphic design get distracted by reading the text. So lorem ipsum was invented, to provide natural-looking text that is actually meaningless.

There's a whole bunch more interesting details about it, but I'll let you read it on Wikipedia rather than repeat it all here.

2015-09-12 Rerun commentary: It's not entirely clear why Ophelia is going to see Will in the background here. I never reveal what they say to each other here. So let your imagination run rampant.

Will does seem to be leaning back on his chair in panel 3. I have no idea why I did that now.

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