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<   No. 1191   2006-05-01   >

Comic #1191

1 Lambert: I say we should rescue him! My uncle Bilbert the jewel thief saved a dwarf from some orcs once.
2 Lambert: The dwarf was most appreciative. Uncle Bilbert just waded right into the battle and swung his sword Sting at the orcs.
3 Lambert: It was one of his finest hours in a life of crime. They tried to smash his bones with their huge clubs, but despite taking several shattering blows he was fine.
4 Mordekai: Wow. How did he manage that?
4 Lambert: Bad hobbits are hard to break.

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Hobbit pun time again! No, I haven't done this one before - you may be thinking of #791, which admittedly is slightly similar. Hey, you try thinking up something original that also makes sense at this point in the storyline.

2015-09-11 Rerun commentary: The dwarf that Uncle Bilbert saved was actually a troubadour who travelled the countryside and performed music and japery in exchange for meals and lodging. He was quite good at it and dressed from head to toe in scarlet, so became quite renowned. Indeed, everyone knew that the Red Dwarf was a star.

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