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<   No. 1160   2006-03-31   >

Comic #1160

1 {scene: The river Acheron. Charon punts his boat across, carrying Marcus and Julius as passengers.}
1 Charon: That is Hades. {indicating a dull grey place on the shore, enclosed by a fence}
2 Charon: The realm of eternal gloom, populated only by the grey shades of lifeless souls doomed to an unrelieved eternity of tedium and pointlessnes.
3 Marcus: Um... Why the bright pink fence?
4 Charon: Because people are dying to get in.

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It's an old, old joke, merely presented in a new wrapping. I always liked this joke.

My wife now groans every time we drive past a cemetery, without me even having to say anything any more.

2015-07-29 Rerun commentary: Wow, it's 9 years later, and she still does that.

Even though I've expanded my cemetery joke repertoire by pointing out that we're driving past the dead centre of town.

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