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<   No. 1067   2005-12-28   >

Comic #1067

1 {scene: The shark tank at Monterey Bay Aquarium}
1 Terry: Steve! You're alive!
1 Steve: {climbing out of the tank} Crikey! Course I am!
2 Steve: That shark wasn't nearly aggressive enough to survive in the wild. Terry, we 'ave to free 'im!
3 Steve: 'e needs to relearn the ways of 'is species rather than be exploited by humans for cheap amusement!
4 Jamie: Does this mean you won't jump over it on a motorcycle?
4 Steve: Nah, I'll do that first!

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The background is an actual photo of Monterey Bay, royalty-free from stock.xchng.

2015-03-27 Rerun commentary: There's an interesting "what?" moment in Steve's dialogue in the second panel. He says the shark is too soft survive in the wild, and then follows it immediately by saying they have to free it. You only really understand why in the next panel.

It's an interesting question - whether dialogue should be crafted carefully so that the audience can simply read it smoothly and understand it without an odd comprehension pause like that, or whether it's okay or even good to occasionally write something which causes the reader's brain to skip a beat until it catches up. One approach is that such a comprehension skip should be justified as having some meaningful impact on the reader's awareness or interpretation of the story, otherwise they should be avoided.

The other approach is that it's just fun to mess with your heads now and then.

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