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<   No. 1053   2005-12-14   >

Comic #1053

1 Adam: {watching Steve and the shark thrash about in the tank} Oh dear. This is terrible! A tragedy!
2 Jamie: Steve has jumped right into the tank with a 12 foot great white shark...
3 Adam: And we don't have the cameras set up yet! {indicating two camera operators nearby who are desperately rushing to start filming}

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When I began this sequence at the aquarium, I wondered how best to show a tank of water. The options were to use a random jumble of small blue bricks, a solid sheet of blue bricks with a smooth surface, or real, actual water. I decided against getting real water anywhere near things, as I knew that would be inviting disaster, and thought it would probably produce something that didn't actually look realistic enough. In the end I went with a mostly uniform sheet of bricks, that I could pull out of place to show Steve and the shark poppping out of the water.

2015-03-11 Rerun commentary: ... as foreshadowed in the previous rerun commentary for this theme. I don't like rereading ahead when writing these, so occasionally I end up saying something which I say in the original commentary in a later strip.

That is quite a small tank for a 12-foot shark. Normally I'd use metric units to refer to shark sizes, but to my dismay the real life MythBusters stubbornly stick with ye olde fashioned Imperial units on their TV show, so I mimicked that.

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