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<   No. 1010   2005-11-01   >

Comic #1010

1 {scene: external shot of jet plane flying through a golden sunset-lit sky}
1 Steve: Crikey! San Francisco, here we come!
2 {scene change: inside the plane}
2 Terry: America is nice, but their legal system is a bit wacky. So many archaic laws on the books.
3 Steve: Yeah. It's the only country with a specific law against walking an alligator without a leash.
4 Terry: They only introduced that after our last visit, Steve.

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I've found a new source of royalty-free images for backgrounds such as this. stock.xchng is a repository of stock photographs which you can use freely in websites and commercial publications.

It's so cool that stuff like this exists.

2015-01-20 Rerun commentary: There are endless numbers of "stupid laws" lists floating around the Internet, but most of them are unreferenced, hearsay, made up, and just plain urban myth. Which is a shame, as there really are a huge number of ridiculous and ridiculous-sounding laws enshrined in actual legislation in various parts of the world. And oddly enough, it does seem to be the USA that has a reputation for having more of these sorts of laws than anywhere else - although most countries have some good candidates.

Anyway, for your amusement, here's what looks like an actual researched article from a reliable source (at least, as much as those qualifications apply to anything on the Internet), about weird laws in the US.

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