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<   No. 1009   2005-10-31   >

Comic #1009

1 {scene: The space ship bridge}
1 Mordekai: You nanocleansed the ship?! Now there's no bits of Paris left for us to clone!
2 Kyros: Um... Her casket hasn't hit the star yet, right? We can fly into the star and recover her body.
3 Draak: What part of "fly in star" you not get?
4 GM: Are you sure you brought the right character sheets tonight?

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And you thought I'd never manage a fantasy/space theme crossover.

2015-01-19 Rerun commentary: Flying into a star would be a pretty daft idea in a science fiction setting. At least with any science fiction technology level short of Star Trek's omnipotent godlike aliens. (Or the Langston Field from The Mote in God's Eye, which is pretty much a Trek-level technobabble device.)

In a fantasy setting, however, it could be a perfectly good thing to do. Stars are probably full of diamonds or something. The main problem would be fighting off the star-goblins who protect this treasure.

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