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<   No. 795   2005-03-31   >

Comic #795

1 Emperor: Lord Vader...
2 Vader: {on surgical table after being rebuilt from the burnt Anakin Skywalker} Yes, master.
3 Emperor: Rise...
4 Vader: Can't I snooze for 10 minutes?

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For anyone wondering where this scene comes from, it's part of the Episode III teaser trailer. Well, maybe not including the last line.

2014-05-14 Rerun commentary: As it turned out, once the movie was released, the teaser trailer had recut the scene from the movie somewhat, so that the scene as it appeared in the trailer isn't actually in the film with the same audio. So even if you've seen the film, this scene may not appear totally familiar either.

Thus are the pitfalls of making comics based entirely on trailers for a film that hasn't been released yet. (Not that I'd ever do that again...)

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