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<   No. 3417   2015-08-30    

Comic #3417

1 Draak: To cross Vast Land Of Stone we need beasts who not drink much.
2 Alvissa: Camels, yes. We can find those at the Mystical City of Disfahar, on the western edge of the desert.
3 Mordekai: Why do places around here always have adjectival descriptors attached to their names?
4 Alvissa: I don't know, "lovable rogue".

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Real world places often have adjectival descriptors associated with them, but we usually don't use them when referring to the place. So to make your life a bit more like a fantasy world, always use epithets such as the following:

Or for more fun, make up some of your own!

News: I have started seriously thinking about making a print collection of Irregular Webcomic! strips. One reason I haven't done this in the past is that I wasn't sure about the copyright and trademark issues of publishing photos of LEGO figures.*

I have contacted the LEGO Group to ask them about this. They advised me that they do not give legal advice in this area, and recommended I consult an intellectual property lawyer before making any decisions. Thanks to funding from my Patreon campaign, I have some funds to actually look into this. I will be seeking an IP lawyer soon to determine how much it will cost to get comprehensive advice. This is the first step - stay tuned!

* Obviously things like The Brick Testament have done this, but I bet they got real legal advice first. (Also, I'm in Australia - the laws are different here.)

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