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<   Rerun of No. 1162   Originally published 2006-04-02   >

Comic #1162

1 [caption]: Zeppelin route from Moscow to Berlin... {Map showing red dotted line tracking the zeppelin flight from Moscow to Berlin.}
2 Haken: Ach! Nazi science sneers at having to come up with a new "red line" joke.

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Yeah, I sneer at it too.

2015-08-01 Rerun commentary: The map is a map of Europe in 1924. I thought I originally got it from the excellent Perry-Castañeda Map Library at the University of Texas, but I can't find it there any more. Anyway, this library is a great resource for any maps of the world you might want to find.

News: I just got my computer back, and am restoring backup data as I type. Assuming this works, there will be a new comic on schedule on Sunday 2 August. If something goes wrong, there will be no new comic, as the buffer has run out.

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