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<   Rerun of No. 888   Originally published 2005-07-02   >

Comic #888

1 Doctor: Well, I don't know how he did it, but Steve has pulled through okay!
1 Terry: Oh thank goodness!
2 Doctor: He's the first person in recorded history to have survived a red mamba bite.
3 Doctor: Looks like Death has taken the day off.
4 Head Death: Hey, Bitten By A Red Mamba! Guess who you just missed out on!

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Poll: You've just met a very nice man who offers to sell you a bridge at a very reasonable price. Which bridge do you buy?

Oh come on. You all knew Steve wouldn't die.

2014-08-30 Rerun commentary: The red mamba is a fictional snake I invented just for the comic, as a variant of the real black mamba. There are also green mambas, by the way (two types), and Jameson's mamba (which is also green).

I just did a Google search for "red mamba", expecting that perhaps there'd only be a handful of hits, with the most prominent being this comic. However I was surprised to find thousands of hits all referring to a basketball player by the name of Matt Bonner, who is apparently nicknamed the "red mamba".

After this comic, no doubt.

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