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<   Rerun of No. 1211   Originally published 2006-05-21   >

Comic #1211

1 Mordekai: Do all dwarves speak with a Scottish accent?
2 Dwalin: Och aye. Wi're a highl'nd pipple, ye ken. {translation: Oh yes. We're a highland people, you know.}
3 Lambert: But you live underground!
4 Dwalin: Aye. In the highl'nds! {translation: Yes. In the highlands!}

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Poll: How would you say "Banana" in a humorous way by stressing a different syllable?

I thought it might be interesting to have a character with a distinctive dialectical variation of English. And what better than a stereotyped Scottish? Hoots, mon!

2015-10-09 Rerun commentary: There are in fact the occasional Irish dwarves, who brew Guinness as well as whiskey, but these are looked down upon by the more traditional Scottish dwarves, who brew naught but single malt Scotch whisky* and the occasional Irn-Bru.

* For spelling notes, see #1982.

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