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<   No. 2231   2009-03-06   >

Comic #2231

1 Terry: There they are.
2 Steve: No, no! The best way to deal with stroppy ones...
3 Steve: Oh, hi Terry!
3 Terry: What are you doing?
4 Steve: Tradin' tips. 'e's havin' a bit of trouble dealin' with all these science fiction and fantasy fans who want his autograph.

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Cthulhu is a poster art case of Draco in leather pants.

He's meant to be an unspeakable horror, mere sight of which is enough to drive strong men insane. Yet there is a distinct fan culture devoted to Cthulhu. If Cthulhu really existed, and was precisely as described in Lovecraft's literature, there would be fans wanting to meet him.

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