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<   No. 1563   2007-05-08   >

Comic #1563

1 Terry: Steve! What happened?
1 Steve: Crikey! Some sort of demarcation dispute.
2 Yeti: Speaking of demarcation, we've performed the banishing ritual. Cthulhu can't return to Earth for 99 years. Unless someone deliberately summons him of course.
3 Yeti: And who would be crazy enough to do that?
4 {scene change: The Mythbusters studio}
4 Adam: Hmmm, an old copy of the Necronomicon... This will make a good future episode...

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Honestly, I don't think anything that anyone here is talking about is even remotely related to demarcation at all. It just sounds funny to use a long word completely in the wrong context, and glide right by as if they all understand what's being said.

Oh, and if you must know, the Necronomicon is the fictional(?) work by H. P. Lovecraft's "Mad Arab", Abdul Alhazred, which contains details of the horrible otherworldly entities of the Cthulhu mythos, including how to summon them.

Now lose 2d6 SAN.

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