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I am travelling overseas from 4-20 November. I've been unable to buffer new comics to last through my trip, so we'll stick with reruns while I'm away. I expect to make new strips when I get home. If something goes wrong with the site while I'm away I won't be able to fix it until I get home. See you after my trip!


Apologies, I hoped to have new comics this week, but I've been too busy preparing for my upcoming trip. There will be reruns again this week (30 Oct-3 Nov). I'm not sure if I'll have any new strips ready by the time I fly out on Saturday. I'll update then.


There will be no new strips this week (23-27 October). I've been busy buffering comics for Darths & Droids prior to travel in November and didn't have time to make new IWC this week. Enjoy reruns this week!


Sorry folks, I need some extra time to deal with urgent and labour-intensive website upgrades that can't wait any longer, so I need to take a short break from making new IWC comics. New comics will return by the end of July. In the meantime, enjoy a rerun strip every day.


I am taking a vacation trip to Japan from 17 June to 1 July. Comics are buffered and should update automatically as normal. However, if something goes wrong, I will be unable to fix it until I get home.


With my permission, small start-up animation studio TAPAS and Stuff Productions has made a Teaser Trailer for Irregular Fantasy! - a fan adaptation of our favourite Fantasy theme comic. The studio is reimagining the quest for the Ruby of Dwarven Might, and plans to produce a few more trailers before premiering a full length pilot episode. Give it a look and show them your support!


Unfortunately my planned one-week break to rebuild the new comics buffer has failed, because I have contracted COVID-19. It's put me behind on many things I need to do, so there will be at least one more week of reruns (27-31 March). Health-wise I feel pretty rotten, but don't appear to have very serious symptoms.


There will be rerun comics this week (20-24 March) instead of new comics. I've run out of time to make new comics and need a short break to rebuild the buffer.


I am again running my online class in Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, and Board Game Design for children aged 11-14. It's a 6-week class beginning on Tuesday 31 January (US time)/Wed 1 Feb (AU time). It's a convenient time for the US Pacific time zone (7pm Tuesdays). If you know any kids who might be interested, check out the class listing on Outschool.


On New Year's Eve, 2002, I posted the following comic strip on my web page.

Irregular Webcomic! #1

Yes, that's right. Today is the 20th anniversary of Irregular Webcomic!

I don't have anything special planned for this occasion - in fact I didn't even realise it was happening until a reader mentioned it to me earlier today. But I thought I should at least point it out here.

Twenty years. Wow.


The print books of the Fantasy and Cliffhangers theme comics are on sale! You can now get either book for just US$16, or both for US$30. And every order comes with 4 free assorted Irregular Webcomic! postcards, while stocks last. Fantasy book cover Cliffhangers book cover
These books were printed a few years ago by Topatoco and are great quality, with extra book-only comics, maps, and other bonus content!


I am taking a short trip, and will return on Saturday 17 September. Comics should update automatically as usual, but if something goes wrong I will be unable to fix it until I get home.


I am taking a break from making new comics, to recharge and get some other things done. I'm planning a 4-week break, with new comics returning on 15 August, but that may possibly change slightly. Enjoy the reruns while I'm resting!


Sorry, today's comic (2022-07-13) is going to be late.


Today's new comic update will be a bit late, sorry!


I am away travelling overseas (to Europe) from Friday 17 to Wednesday 29 June. New comics are queued up and should update automatically as usual. But if something goes wrong, it's likely I won't be able to fix it until I get home.


Ugh, sorry everyone. I am scrambling to find time to do everything I need to get done before an overseas trip departing on 17 June, and making new comics is a bit down on that list. So another week of reruns this week. I hope to get a batch done in time to resume new comics again next week.


I am snowed under with work and unable to make new comics in time for this week so I'm taking a break and doing reruns this week, from 23-27 May. I hope to have new comics again next week.


There is a UTF8 encoding error in the transcripts for comics 4756 and 4758 (and probably future comics too), which renders apostrophes as gibberish. I'm aware of this problem, but it's non-trivial to fix. The webhost database server was upgraded and has apparently messed up the character encoding configuration. I need to take a close look at it and I don't have time for probably several days. I'll get to it when I can find some time.


Sorry everyone - I intended to make a new batch of comics for this week, but work and time got away from me. This will be another rerun week, and I'll try to get new comics ready for Monday 14 March.

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