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<   No. 937   2005-08-20   >

Comic #937

1 Spanners: It's possible we could get a mindscan from Paris' body. If the alien parasites haven't devoured her brain yet.
2 Spanners: The scan of Serron's cabin shows her body's mostly eaten, but the head is intact! Mustn't be very tasty for them.
3 Iki Piki: Hey, where'd Serron go?
3 Spanners: {looking at the computer screen on the cockpit display} He's entered the cabin! To save Paris! Oh...
4 Iki Piki: What?
4 Spanners: He's pouring barbecue sauce on her head...

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Barbecue sauce is a condiment that varies widely in composition and usage around the world. In some places it is a spicy tomato-based sauce used as a condiment on food after it has been cooked (and not necessarily barbecued). In others it is a sauce that is poured or brushed on to meat while it is being barbecued.

One should always be aware that there are people elsewhere in the world for whom the same term may not refer to the same thing.

2014-10-27 Rerun commentary: "Barbecue" itself is such a word. As Wikipedia states:
In British usage, barbecuing refers to a fast cooking process directly over high heat, while grilling refers to cooking under a source of direct, high heat—known in the United States and Canada as broiling. In American English usage, however, grilling refers to a fast process over high heat, while barbecuing refers to a slow process using indirect heat and/or hot smoke (very similar to some forms of roasting).
I was struck by this difference when recently watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, in which he visited my home city of Sydney. He was invited to a typical Australian barbecue, which he emphatically stated was "just grilling meat, and definitely not a barbecue".

I realise now that this is the source* of the difference noted above in definitions of "barbecue sauce".

* Pun intended.

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