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<   No. 904   2005-07-18   >

Comic #904

1 Alvissa: They hold an annual apple harvest festival in Footcrag. We should be there in time to see it.
2 Mordekai: I'm really interested to see this town.
3 Alvissa: I didn't know you enjoyed exotic local customs.
4 Mordekai: I like places where nobody knows me yet.

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Really keen-eyed readers may notice the texture of the river has changed. My dining table was covered with stuff when I took these photos, so I laid a blue fleecy jacket on the floor and used that as the mighty Elusian River.

2014-09-18 Rerun commentary: The apple harvest would be mentioned again, when they are actually in Footcrag, in strip #972.

Continuity, baby!

Apple festivals seem to be very common, with examples all over the world where apples are grown. There's even one in my home city of Sydney! Although it's more to celebrate the life of Granny Smith and her role in creating the popular apple variety, rather than an actual harvest.

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