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<   No. 829   2005-05-04   >

Comic #829

1 GM: In the two months you were in cyberspace, the xenomorph laid eggs in Paris' body. The larvae will eat her from the inside.
2 Spanners: Quick! We have to find her body and save it from such a ghastly fate! We can't let her be eaten!
3 GM: And once they hatch, they'll attack and kill any living thing that gets near them.
4 Serron: Bon appétit, then! {an alien xenomorph appears silently behind Serron}

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I'm not sure why they're having a conversation when the alien monster is still attacking them. But this sort of thing happens all the time in roleplaying games.

2014-06-23 Rerun commentary: If you ever want something truly weird and gross for aliens or monsters in your science fiction or fantasy or horror games, look no further for inspiration than the real world and the habits of certain animals.

Parasitic and parasitoid animals.

Parasitoid wasps are an especially rich source of stomach-churning ideas. You have been warned.

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