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<   No. 809   2005-04-14   >

Comic #809

1 {scene: an airport arrivals customs terminal in Africa}
1 Customs Officer: Welcome to Africa. Anything to declare?
2 Steve: {wrangling a live snake that has suddenly escaped from his bags} Crikey! Get back in the luggage!
3 Terry: Several things about my husband, but I think I'd best keep them to myself.

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The photo in the background is a royalty-free image from morgueFile. The plane is actually part of the fleet operated by TAME, Linea Aerea Del Ecuador, and the morgueFile info indicates this photo was taken in the Galapagos Islands.

2014-05-30 Rerun commentary: Oddly enough, since this comic was first published, I have since flown on TAME. To the Galapagos Islands. Almost certainly landing on that exact runway shown in the photo.

Small world.

A thing about this strip I really like is that the customs officer says "Welcome to Africa", not to any actual country. (I did that deliberately for the humour value.)

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