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<   No. 759   2005-02-23   >

Comic #759

1 {scene: back at the village, Kyros and Lambert approach a villager who is standing by a couple of horses}
1 Kyros: I'd like to buy a horse.
1 Villager: Aren't you the wizard who burnt down the tavern?
2 Kyros: No, that was some other fire wizard.
3 Villager: We don't actually get that many fire wizards around these here parts...
4 Kyros: Oh, you'd recognise this one. Not like me at all. About three feet tall, pot belly...
4 Lambert: Hey!

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Kyros is particularly easy to write dialogue for. I just think, "What would the player who plays Kyros in my real life fantasy campaign say?"

2014-04-02 Rerun commentary: One would presume that in most pseudo-medieval settings, fire wizards are not exactly commonplace. The general rule seems to be that adventuring types make up only a small fraction of the population of such worlds and wizards make up only a relatively small fraction of the adventurers (most are usually assumed to be fighters or thieves).

At a rough guess, it's unlikely that any given peasant would ever meet a wizard of any description. Let alone something as specific as a fire wizard.

All this can be turned on its head if you posit some sort of high fantasy world where every second person has magic talents, of course, but that doesn't seem to be too common among fictional worlds.

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