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<   No. 724   2005-01-19   >

Comic #724

1 Haken: {looking disapporivngly at the picnic spread Erwin has laid out for him and Dr Smith} Erwin, where did you get a candle?
1 Erwin: Remember die Nazi motto, Herr Kolonel Haken. Be prepared.
2 Haken: Ah. Ja. Of course.
3 Ginny: {as Haken walks off} That's the Boy Scout motto!
4 Erwin: {to Dr Smith} Shhh! He thinks I was in die Hitler Youth.

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The Boy Scouts is a worldwide organisation begun by Lord Baden-Powell in 1907.

The Hitler Youth was a pseudo-military training organisation for youths begun by Nazi Germany in 1926.

Compare and contrast. This question is worth 35% of your end-of-year assessment.

N.B. for the humour-impaired: The above is meant humorously. I am not implying that the Boy Scout movement actually has anything in common with the Hitler Youth. If you read the comic properly you would see that the implication is that the two groups are very different. Have a nice day.

2014-02-20 Rerun commentary: The Scout Movement, and in particular the Boy Scouts of America, have come in for some criticism of their own in recent times though. I don't want to dwell on it here, but you can read a bit about it for yourself here.

Still not comparing them to Nazis, for the record.

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