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<   No. 712   2005-01-07   >

Comic #712

1 Monty: Dad, you want to take labyrinth navigating advice from Sallah?! {in the background, Minnesota Jones is inspecting the labyrinth entrance}
2 Monty: He has the direction sense of a shortsighted lemming! He's always getting lost!
3 Prof. Jones: He never fails to find us again though.
4 Monty: That's because we're always in a prison cell in Berlin!

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Lemmings are small rodents who live in subarctic climates. Their populations are highly unstable, depending heavily on year to year vegetation growth and predation rates. This has led to the apocryphal belief that when overpopulated, lemmings become suicidal and swarm over the nearest cliff to their dooms.

This myth was knowingly perpetuated by the 1958 Disney "documentary" White Wilderness, which many children of appropriate generations saw when they were growing up. The film makers staged a "lemming suicide" by importing lemmings (which were not even native to the area they were filming) and dropping them in a river by a convenient cliff.

So remember, you can't believe everything you see, unless you see it in Irregular Webcomic!

2014-02-06 Rerun commentary: Lemmings, on the other hand, is a very cool video game, based on the apocryphal idea that lemmings blindly follow one another to their collective dooms. So even out of bad things, good things can come.

And lamingtons, on the third hand, are delicious chocolate and coconut coated sponge cake morsels, much beloved of Australians. Do not confuse with lemmings.

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