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<   No. 698   2004-12-24   >

Comic #698

1 {scene: Steve sleeping in a dark room}
1 [caption]: I'm dreaming of a hideously non-Euclidean Christmas...
1 [caption]: Just like the ones that made my sanity go.
2 {scene: Cthulhu appears and hovers over the fitfully dreaming Steve}
2 [caption]: Where the treetops glisten, from all the mucus drippin',
2 [caption]: From the fangs of monsters in the snow.
3 {scene: a bizarre rugose green thing with eight legs and two heads disturbs Steve's sleep}
3 [caption]: I'm dreaming of a hideously non-Euclidean Christmas...
3 [caption]: With unspeakably blasphemous things all chittering and viridian.
4 {scene: the feverishly dreaming Steve is now surrounded by horribly tenebrous and loathsome snake-like beings}
4 [caption]: May your dreams be full of fevered imaginings with shapes ophidian,
4 [caption]: And may all your Christmases be hideously non-Euclidean.

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After the fun of last year's Christmas strip, I had to do another in a similar vein.

Coming up with rhymes for "non-Euclidean" was interesting. "Viridian" is a shade of bluish-green, specifically that formed as a pigment from chromium oxide. "Ophidian" means "snake-like".

The tune is Irving Berlin's White Christmas, made famous by Bing Crosby's rendition. I took some hideous liberties with the scansion.

Merry Christmas!

2014-01-21 Rerun commentary: Besides Cthulhu in the second and fourth panels, the third panel features a LEGO crocodile with human minifig legs, surmounted by a baby Tyrannosaurus, and the fourth panel features Bib Fortuna, dual-wielding a snake in each hand.

I think Bib Fortuna should have a theme song to the tune of Carl Orff's O Fortuna.

Bib Fortuna,
big kahuna
in Jabba's desert palace;
job to promo-
-te an air of evil malice.
With Jabba's chum,
Salacious Crumb,
watched Oola dance on trapdoor;
she once again
yanked Jabba's chain,
so he fed her to the rancor.

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