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<   No. 681   2004-12-07   >

Comic #681

1 Lambert: All right, all right, let's take detailed stock of what goals we've actually achieved so far.
2 Lambert: Break into merchant's guildhouse - no.
2 Mordekai: Steal merchant shipping schedules - no.
3 Kyros: Ambush caravan and make off with gold - no.
3 Draak: Buy new sword for 'bert - no.
4 Lambert: Get new bow for Alvissa - yes!!
4 Mordekai: See, we're making progress!

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Draak is restricted to using a nickname for Lambert because of his inability to speak in words of more than one syllable. Didn't know that interesting fact about Draak? You obviously haven't seen the Fantasy cast page.

2014-01-01 Rerun commentary: Draak is therefore often restricted to words of Germanic origin, rather than later Romance language derived equivalents which were imported into English via medieval French. "Buy" instead of "purchase", for example. "Smell" instead of "odour"; "hue" instead of "colour"; "talk" instead of "conversation"; "wood" instead of "forest". (There are also a few cases where the Latinate equivalent is shorter.)

There are many more such word equivalences here. This mingling of two different linguistic sources for English words is part of the reason for the language having such a rich vocabulary, often with multiple words for the same concepts which can be chosen based on subtle differences in connotation or style (or word length).

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