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<   No. 616   2004-10-03   >

Comic #616

1 {scene: Hitler's brain's chamber. Haken and Erwin stand flanking Dr Smith.}
1 Hitler's Brain: So, Fraulein Doktor Smith. I have decided to increase my offer for leading an expedition to Atlantis to match your request.
2 Ginny: And the bonuses for any additional information?
3 Hitler's Brain: Ja, ja. But there is nothing else you know that is of use to me that I do not already know.
4 Ginny: Professor and Doctor Jones are digging an escape tunnel.

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For want of a better turning point, this strip marks the end of Monty Jones and the Lost World and the beginning of Monty Jones and the Secret of Atlantis.

Who is the mysterious Dr Ginny Smith? Is she some sort of femme fatale who Monty can't trust at all? Is she merely misguided and waiting to see the light? Is she some sort of double agent? Just where did she earn her degree in archaeology? Does Atlantis really exist, and does she really know where it is?

2013-10-17 Rerun commentary: In hindsight it's lucky I didn't say "All this and more will be revealed!"

Where did she earn her degree in archaeology? Perhaps we shall never know!

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