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<   No. 595   2004-09-12   >

Comic #595

1 Prof. Jones: Pleased to meet you. I'm Professor North Dakota Jones and this is my son, Doctor Monty Jones.
2 Prof. Jones: We're both archaeologists too. So, may I ask your name?
3 Ginny: It's Smith. Doctor Ginny Smith.
4 Prof. Jones: {excited} I've read your papers on Atlantis! Great work!
4 Monty: {to himself} Oh lord, another nutcase...

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Finally we learn her name. Dr Ginny Smith is the first major new character for... well, quite some time anyway.

2013-09-23 Rerun commentary: On the last flight I took, home from San Francisco earlier this year (2013), I was seated next to a 20-something couple. We struck up a bit of conversation. They were headed home to Australia too, although they lived in Melbourne and so had an additional domestic flight to look forward to after we landed in Sydney.

As you do in such situations, the topic turned to what we did. I said I was a physicist who worked in camera optics. The guy next to me was in IT. And his girlfriend was... an archaeologist! My immediate reaction when she said this was, "Oh wow! That's so cool." She said, "Yeah, that's what everyone says." She went on to say that, while it's interesting, it's not actually exciting, action-adventure stuff like in Indiana Jones movies. Of course I knew that, but I still thought it was really cool. She was studying some stuff to do with Australian colonial-era excavations - so around 200 years old.

Not quite as awesome as Atlantis, I suppose. Although perhaps a little more grounded in reality.

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