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<   No. 585   2004-09-02   >

Comic #585

1 GM: You do realise you have an actual quest to go on? All this mucking around is wasting time!
2 Alvissa: {still hanging around in front of the blacksmith's shop} He's right. We should help this adventure run more smoothly. Let's get the preliminary stuff done quickly.
3 Alvissa: What do you think would be the best way to do that?
3 Lambert: Let's split up!
4 GM: {banging head on table} Noooooooo!!

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Ah yes. Every GM's nightmare.

I haven't used GURPS Fantasy as my screen before because I only just managed to acquire a copy. It's been a big hole in my GURPS collection for many years. Of course, the new 4th Edition GURPS Fantasy is released next month, so I'll have to get another one. (Although the new edition is actually a generic fantasy sourcebook, and the world setting of the old version will be updated later as GURPS Banestorm.)

2013-09-11 Rerun commentary: To clarify further, the original GURPS Fantasy was not a generic fantasy sourcebook, designed to help you run a fantasy game in whatever setting you desired, with rules for how to search for traps and fight monsters and all that sort of useful stuff. It was actually a campaign setting book, outlining details of one specific fantasy game world: the world of Yrth and its most significant feature, the Banestorm.

This was never really a sensible state of affairs, given that titles such as GURPS Space and GURPS Espionage presented generic rules useful for all space or espionage genre games respectively. So in the update from GURPS 3rd edition to 4th edition, the material from GURPS Fantasy was moved to a new title, GURPS Banestorm, and the title GURPS Fantasy was given to a book of new world-agnostic material designed for use in any fantasy campaign.

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