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<   No. 5206   2024-06-03   >

Comic #5206

1 Paris: I guess there’s no going back. Now we’re inside Tron, what do we have to do to override the ship’s cyberspace locks?
2 Serron: It’s very simple. We need to find a Commodore 64 terminal.
3 Paris: And that will allow us to enter the required code to go up a cyberspace level?
4 Serron: I dunno. But it’ll be a lot of fun. I don’t have one of those machines in my collection!

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The Commodore 64 is an early home computer released by Commodore Business Machines in 1982. It was a breakthrough machine, being the first home computer of countless families around the world. Its modest price point and ability to run thousands of games and other software programs contributed to huge sales, and its influence on early home video gaming cannot be overstated. My brother and I had one and it's still quite possible to this day that I've played more video games on the Commodore 64 platform than any other.

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