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<   No. 516   2004-06-25   >

Comic #516

1 Mordekai: So what's this quest we're supposedly going on?
2 GM: Bar patrons say the Duke wants adventurers to cross the Orcrift Mountains into the Swamp of Terror and so to the Golden Citadel...
3 GM: ... to inquire of the great Dragon Sage Ardaxar the possible location of the missing Ruby of Dwarven Might from the arcane Crown of Power.
4 Kyros: Sounds boring. Let's not apply.
4 Draak: What this quest pay?

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Ooooh! This is about as many plot revelations as there's been in the entire Fantasy theme up to this point.

Who is this mysterious Duke? Are there really orcs in the Orcrift Mountains? Why is the Swamp of Terror so terrifying? Is the Golden Citadel actually made of gold? Who's this Dragon Sage bloke, and is that just a title or is he really a dragon? Where is the Ruby of Dwarven Might? What is this strange Crown of Power, and what is its power?

And what does this quest pay?

Update: No, that is not a typo/spelling mistake/lapse of cognitive function in my temporal lobe! It is supposed to say:
into the Swamp of Terror and so to the Golden Citadel...
and not:
into the Swamp of Terror and go to the Golden Citadel...
"So" is being used here in the sense of "then"; you should be interpreting the line like this:
into the Swamp of Terror and then to the Golden Citadel...

2013-06-22 Rerun commentary: Wow, the Quest was introduced when Order of the Phoenix was the last Harry Potter book on my shelf.

This is the first mention of... well, all that stuff about the Orcrift Mountains, Swamp of Terror, blah blah blah, Ruby of Dwarven Might, blah blah.

At this stage I had actually intended Ardaxar to be a real dragon, and hoped to show him in some future strip. But I had no idea how I would do that yet. It was only some time later that I would acquire a LEGO set with a dragon in it, thinking, "Yes! I finally have an Ardaxar!" And then several years after that before he finally appeared in the comic...

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