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<   No. 5064   2023-09-28   >

Comic #5064

1 Ishmael: So what did we learn?
1 Siobhan: Earth is ridiculously vulnerable!
2 Siobhan: All the attackers need to do is take over a major social media site and rebrand it with a stupid name.
3 Siobhan: Nobody will be able to communicate effectively and the rise of evil will go unnoticed until it’s too late.
4 Siobhan: Earth is basically screwed!
4 Ishmael: I meant in our board game.
4 Siobhan: Yeah, me too.

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There are any number of alien invasion films and book where technologically superior aliens arrive, subjugate Earth, and then we humans consolidate forces cooperatively and with daring, pluck, and species unity we kick their alien asses.

Yeah. Given the odds of humanity getting along together enough to combine forces and work together, it's really lucky that no aliens have tried to conquer us yet.

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