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<   No. 4979   2023-05-18   >

Comic #4979

1 Siobhan: Oooh, a map of Horsell Common. Very old school. I like it.
2 Ishmael: You like it because I’ve set the Martian invasion game in the Victorian era like the classic novel, The War of the Worlds?
3 Siobhan: That’s a fairly minor thing. I really like it because...
4 Siobhan: ... the Martian tripod machines are essentially GIANT MECHA!

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Having read The War of the Worlds when I was younger, I kind of assumed that Horsell Common must be a long way from London, since the protagonist makes it clear that people think London will be a safe haven from the Martians who are running amok around Horsell Common.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered recently that Horsell Common is less than 35 km from the Houses of Parliament in the centre of London! Of course our modern sensibilities of distance are probably different to those that H. G. Wells would have had in the late 19th century. Or perhaps mine are different from those of people who live in England.

Horsell Common, by the way, looks like a very nice place to visit. Assuming there are no Martians there.

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