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<   No. 487   2004-05-27   >

Comic #487

1 Monty: {still facing off with the Nazis across the stream} So, Colonel Haken, how did you get here to this remote plateau?
2 Haken: By superior Nazi-engineered air transportation!
3 Prof. Jones: There, you see Junior? I told you we should have chartered a flight instead of climbing this blasted plateau.
4 Monty: Dad, the Luftwaffe doesn't sell zeppelin tickets.
4 Erwin: You climbed?! Dummkopfs!

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The keen-eyed may have noticed Colonel Haken now has light green speech bubbles. I try to use consistent colours for the speech bubbles across strips, but somehow I managed to get both Monty and Haken using beige ones in the long series of strips where they weren't appearing together, so I had to change one of them now that they've met again.

I think earlier on I was using red for Haken, then changed it to beige at some point - I forget why. I'm sure someone will write in and tell me. No, that's not a request. I really don't need to know. If I did, I could find out myself, after all.

2013-05-20 Rerun commentary: Dummkopf is a brillant German word which literally means "dumb head", and can be used anywhere you would traditionally use words like "idiot", "fool", or "nitwit".

Having German grandparents, I was occasionally called a dummkopf as a child, which explains my ongoing enamourment with the word.

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