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<   No. 4774   2022-06-23   >

Comic #4774

1 Dustin: If only we had the gems from the gargoyle lair, this statue would crush them and give us the Gem of Seeing.
2 Lucas: Elle, can you use your powers to make the statue give us the Gem?
3 Eleven: My powers are psychic, not magical.
4 Lucas: Damn. In 1st Edition D&D, that actually makes a difference.

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Some early editions of Dungeons & Dragons included psionic powers. I always thought it was kind of a strange fit with the magical fantasy genre. They were presented as a completely distinct set of abilities powered by the mind, and they didn't interact with magic in any way (other than through secondary effects they both had on the physical world). Psionic powers had their own bespoke rule subsystem that didn't resemble the magic system in the slightest.

The latest, 5th, edition of D&D has psychic effects, but they are explicitly considered to be a subset of magic, and conform to the rules of magic. So if only Eleven had been using the 5th Edition rules instead of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) rules, she'd be fine to affect magic items.

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