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<   No. 460   2004-04-30   >

Comic #460

1 Monty: Hey, this plateau isn't so lost after all. There's a person over here!
2 Minnesota Jones: {wandering over} Well I'll be. Who are you folks and what are you doing here?
3 Prof. Jones: It can't be... not after all these years!
4 Prof. Jones: Pop!
4 Minnesota Jones: Son!

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Shock! Yes, it's another member of Monty Jones' family!

2013-04-18 Rerun commentary: The inspiration for introducing Minnesota Jones was as an extension of the Monty/Professor North Dakota Jones dynamic to the next logical level. Monty and North Dakota are of course modelled on Indiana and Henry Jones from the Indiana Jones films (particularly Last Crusade). I figured, where there's one cool family dynamic, there's room for another!

It made the most sense to extend the generation upwards. Later on we were to learn that Indiana Jones in fact had a son. If that was to happen in the Monty Jones storyline, of course the son would have to be named Idaho.

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