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<   No. 4589   2021-08-26   >

Comic #4589

1 Higgs: Why be we fleein’ from that ship, Miss Wendy? Be we not pirates? We should be attackin’, nay?
2 Wendy: Discretion be the better part o’ valour, Bosun Higgs.
3 Higgs: Since when do pirates be discreet?
4 Wendy: Nay, we be discrete - separate, distinctive, detached. Hard to be disconnected from society if we be gettin’ caught by the British Navy!

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The ship in the background is just the pirate ship, with the sails modified to be blue and white rather than red and white, and with the Jolly Roger flags replaced with the English White Ensign, which was used as the flag of the Royal Navy from 1630 to 1702.

England/Britain/the United Kingdom have used various different versions of naval White Ensigns over the years. Many other Commonwealth nations also use custom versions based on a similar design principle, of a white field with a red St George's cross, plus their own national flag in the canton (upper left corner) - see the linked White Ensign article for examples.

The reason I had to reuse the pirate ship with modifications is because... all together now...

I only have one Lego ship model.

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This material is presented in accordance with the LEGO® Fair Play Guidelines.

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