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<   No. 45   2003-03-06   >

Comic #45

1 Steve: Crikey! A gorgeous specimen of Albertosaurus olseni, a late cretaceous theropod from Mongolia!
2 Steve: These critters grow up to 3 metres tall.
3 Terry: I think they grow bigger than that, Steve.
4 Steve: What makes you say that?
4 Terry: {points to large Albertosaurus behind Steve, about to bite his head off}

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2011-12-21 Rerun commentary: It seems that Albertosaurus olseni is in fact more generally understood by palaeontologists to be of the genus Alectrosaurus, first described in 1933. I'm now wondering where I managed to hear about it under the name of Albertosaurus olseni. It seems the Wikipedia page for this genus was only created in 2005, 2 years after this comic strip, so perhaps back then it was more often associated with Albertosaurus than Alectrosaurus.

Any palaeontologists reading this... sorry for the confusion. Maybe you can write to let me know the full story here.

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