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Comic #4487

1 Mercutio: Medieval Faire?
2 Armoured knight: Yes. We dress up and pretend it’s the Dark Ages instead of the modern 16th century.
3 Armoured knight: I presume you’re going there too with this fine dragon likeness?
4 Mercutio: 16th century nerds. Who’d have thought?
4 Shakespeare: There are more of us than you realise.

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We've talked about Renaissance Fairs before. Presumably people who lived in the Renaissance had Medieval Fairs. And people who lived in Medieval times had Greco-Roman Fairs. And the Ancient Geeks Greeks and Romans had Babylonian Fairs, or whatever.

EDIT: Forum poster John Campbell writes:

The Renaissance totally had Medieval Faires. Tournaments continued long after they had ceased to serve a useful purpose as combination training, job interview, and income stream for itinerant knights, and the gear got safer and less practical for actual fighting as time went on. A lot of the notion that plate armor was too heavy and cumbersome to move in comes from Renaissance-era tournament jousting armor, which was designed not for actual fighting but to keep the wearer as safe as possible while they engaged in what was basically re-enactment jousting. It allowed barely enough movement for the wearer to clamber onto their horse from a mounting block, and then often other plates were bolted on, and that was okay because all you had to do was sit on a horse and move one arm enough to point a lance. Some of the late jousting armor even had spring-loaded clockwork mechanisms in it so that breastplates would explode dramatically when struck.

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