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<   No. 445   2004-04-15   >

Comic #445

1 Sallah: {pointing at a giant hairy ape} Monty! Professor Jones! A giant hairy ape!
2 Prof. Jones: Hmmm. Birds, apes, but no dinosaurs yet. I'm beginning to doubt they really exist.
3 Monty: Maybe they're on the other end of the plateau, dad.
4 Prof. Jones: Oh don't be silly, Junior! Next thing you'll be telling me there are Nazis here too!

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Many thanks to the reader who donated the LEGO set with the giant, hairy ape. It's actually meant to be a yeti, but I had a lot of trouble thinking of a storyline with a yeti in it.

2013-04-01 Rerun commentary: Well, I wouldn't have that problem later on, would I?

The yeti is really hard to photograph, because it's so white. It almost always blows the highlights out in the image produced by the camera, resulting in an incoherent pure white mess. So I need to be careful in lighting and exposing the scene when there are yetis in it.

In hindsight, it was actually ridiculously easy to think of a storyline featuring yetis. In a world where Jane Goodall is as badass as in this comic, anything is possible.

Wait... we live in just such a world!

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