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<   No. 4433   2021-01-20   >

Comic #4433

1 Mercutio: Okay! Let’s just move on to filming the next scene.
1 Angela: What about him?
1 Mercutio: We don’t need him for the next scene.
2 Mercutio: In this scene, we’re going to escort this actor who claims to be Robert Pakington, M.P., to a house in Stratford.
3 Mercutio: We’ll just go to the next set. Everyone into the van!
3 Ophelia: How far is it?
3 Mercutio: Will?
4 Shakespeare: 150 km.
4 Ophelia: Couldn’t you find somewhere a little closer?
4 Mercutio: Who’s directing this show?!

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I'd written a script for this comic before taking photos, but while assembling the photos I modified it in a couple of places.

Originally Angela didn't ask that question in the first panel, and Mercutio thus didn't provide any answer. I thought it was amusing to have them just completely forget about the dead body lying on the street as they went off somewhere else (this is 1536 London, after all), but it was so obviously there in the first panel and the way I'd taken the photo seemed to make Angela question something about it. So I added that bit of dialogue.

And then in the final panel I originally had Mercutio ask who was producing the show. But then I realised I have no idea what a television producer actually does[1], and what Mercutio seems to be doing is much more like directing, so I changed to that.

[1] I assume it's sitting in a big office smoking cigars, and getting your name on the end credits, and that's about it. Maybe something to do with bankrolling a huge amount of money or something. But not actually, you know, doing anything.[2]

[2] To any television producers out there reading this: Sorry. Would you like to option Irregular Webcomic! for a new show?

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