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<   No. 4362   2020-10-13   >

Comic #4362

1 Ophelia: Robert Pakington, MP? But we already have another actor playing the MP.
2 Robert Pakington, MP: My dear lady, I am not an actor! I am a Member of Parliament!
3 Ophelia: You’re an actual MP? What are you doing here on a TV set?
3 Robert Pakington, MP: And what, pray tell, is a “TV set”?
4 Ophelia: Oh, I forgot how out of touch with the real world you lot are.

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Ah, politicians. The classic acceptable target. And being out of touch with the real world is a common accusation levelled at them.

I'm wondering if there are any modern day politicians so out of touch that they don't know what a TV set is.

(Note the double meaning of "TV set" here. Out of context, most people would assume you mean a device with a screen that you watch TV programmes on, but Ophelia is using it in the sense of a movie set.)

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