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<   No. 4294   2020-07-09   >

Comic #4294

1 Higgs: Beggin’ yer pardon, cap’n, but why don’t we be takin’ the gold from Martinique as well?
2 Long Tom: Then we just be havin’ to bury it somewhere! Which be tougher than it be seemin’, lad.
3 Higgs: What be so tough about it?
4 Long Tom: Do ye be knowin’, Bosun Higgs, how hard it be to be findin’ a new spot in the Caribbean where there not be pirate gold buried already?

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With all the pirates burying treasure all over various islands, you can barely dig a hole and not find treasure any more.

Although on our reality, pirates burying treasure is largely an invention of fiction. The only actual pirate known to have ever buried treasure is William Kidd. Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel Treasure Island—itself based on the exploits of William Kidd—was largely responsible for popularising the idea of pirates burying treasure, although it wasn't the first work to depict this. The earlier Kidd the Pirate as well as other short stories in the collection Tales of a Traveller (1824) by Washington Irving and The Gold-Bug (1843) by Edgar Allan Poe are also based on the life of Kidd, and also feature buried treasure. Stevenson acknowledged that he himself was inspired to write a novel based on the exploits of William Kidd by Poe's The Gold-Bug, and Irving's Tales of a Traveller was similarly influential on early writers in the genre.

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