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<   No. 4236   2020-04-20   >

Comic #4236

1 Lambert: It’s my game, I said I was accepting xorn.
1 Alvissa: Thank you. Again.
2 Lambert: Who’s next?
2 Dwalin: Ye are, laddie. Y.
3 Lambert: Y? Y... Y... Y... A monster startign with Y. Hmmm.
4 Mordekai: Want to unaccept xorn and go back to X?
4 Lambert: You’re not helping!!

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To help myself fall asleep I sometimes play this game by myself, thinking of things from a certain category beginning with each letter of the alphabet in sequence. The tricky part now is thinking of a category I haven't done to death before: countries, cities, mammals, birds, fish, D&D monsters, D&D spells, books, movies, scientists, actors, sports, fruits, vegetables, etc, etc. I'm at the point where I end up with categories like "things to do with air travel" or "things you buy in a hardware store" or "wines from the left bank of the Gironde".

My friend who taught me this technique says he usually gets as far as about E before falling asleep. Whereas I usually run through the alphabet with about three or four different categories before my mind relaxes enough to fall asleep.

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