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<   No. 4225   2020-04-03   >

Comic #4225

1 Mercutio: Okay, Angela, you’re Jessica Fisher; Will, you’re her nephew Grady.
2 Mercutio: You, you’re Robert Pakington, M.P. What’s your name?
2 Bar patron 2: Robert.
3 Mercutio: Yes, good, no, your real name?
3 Bar patron 2: Robert.
3 Mercutio: Seriously?
4 Bar patron 2: It’s a common name!
4 Mercutio: You’re not an M.P., are you?

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The man who is generally considered to be the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was Sir Robert Walpole. It's not entirely clear, as the title of the office of Prime Minister was not established at any particular point, and sort of just evolved into existence. But it's clear his name was in fact Robert.

Other Prime Ministerial Roberts include Robert Jenkinson, Robert Peel, and Robert Gascoyne-Cecil. However the UK hasn't had a Robert in charge since Gascoyne-Cecil left office in 1902.

Therefore British Prime Ministers (and this comic) ignore the One Steve Limit.

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