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<   No. 4159   2020-01-02   >

Comic #4159

1 Lambert: My turn. A monster starting with S. Hmmm... so many choices...
2 Kyros: By the parameters of the game as you stated them, it doesn’t matter which one you pick, as long as you can name one.
3 Lambert: Stirge.
3 Kyros: Oh. The most boring one possible.
4 Lambert: You said it didn’t matter which one I picked!
4 Kyros: Doesn’t mean I can’t judge you for it.

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In Dungeons & Dragons, stirges are kind of crosses between bats and mosquitoes. They are a low-level monster typically encountered by beginning groups of adventurers. Although fairly easy to defeat, stirges can cause significant problems for low-level characters because once they attack successfully, they attach to the defending character and continue to suck blood, automatically causing damage each combat round until removed (in contrast to other monsters who need to roll to defeat the defenders' armour every round).

I recall one of the first games I played, and the adventuring party was attacked and almost brought down by a flock of stirges. Some group of mighty warriors we were.

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