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<   No. 4137   2019-12-03   >

Comic #4137

1 {scene: Dustin, Lucas, and Will are riding bikes home through the night}
1 Lucas: Well, I’m home. Seeya, ladies. {Lucas peels off to his house}
2 Dustin: Race to my place? Winner gets a comic?
2 Will: You’re on!
3 {Will wins}
3 Will: Yeah!
4 Will: Your mint condition X-Men #94.
4 Dustin: Eh. It’s only 25 cents. It’ll never be worth anything.

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Comic book collecting is such a big thing that it has its own Wikipedia page about the topic.

X-Men #94 also has its own Wikipedia page, as it was the 1975 relaunch of the fading Uncanny X-Men series (begun in 1963), and turned it around into the successful ongoing franchise that it is today. As such, the issue has become one of the most highly collectible and valuable titles of the series.

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