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<   No. 4119   2019-11-07   >

Comic #4119

1 Jamie: The sun’s set, and no sign of Nessie.
2 Adam: Maybe it’s nocturnal. We should stay on the loch all night.
2 Jamie: We don’t have any lights.
2 Adam: We’ll see by the stars!
3 SFX: KERAACKK!!! {lightning strikes, rain starts pouring down}
4 Adam: Or lightning! Even better!

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For this strip I wanted to include a lightning bolt, so I looked up some Photoshop tutorials on how to generate one. I've followed some other Photoshop tutorials before and several of them have been somewhat complicated, but this one was on the easier side. I added some of my own touches to the basic procedure, with the simulated night time and the lightning adding an illumination glow to the scene. The rain in the fourth panel is an effect I bundled into a macro long ago - it has many steps and I'm glad I saved them all.

I showed this strip to my wife and she wondered if the cameraman was dead. I said no, he's just got hypothermia. Although she did make a reasonable assumption.

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