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<   No. 4097   2019-10-08   >

Comic #4097

1 Anakin: I’d much rather dream about Padmé. Just being around her is... intoxicating.
2 Obi-Wan: Be mindful of your thoughts, Anakin. You have made a commitment to the Jedi Order. We’re not allowed to love or form emotional attachments.
3 Anakin: But... how do we deal with the... frustration?
4 Obi-Wan: Oh, the Jedi Code doesn’t say anything about one-night stands.

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I've picked up a new Photoshop technique which I used in this comic for the first time. Photoshop geekery follows:

The command Image|Adjustments|Match Colour... allows you to choose an image to be modified, and a reference image. It calculates the colour histogram of the reference image, and then remaps the histogram of the modified image to match that of the reference image, I presume by stretching or compressing various parts of the histogram as necessary. The result is that the modified image now has the same "colour feel" as the reference image. Essentially this is a way to colour correct/grade images to match the colour distribution of a reference.

For the reference image here I used this image from the Star Wars: Episode II scene which this comic is a parody of:

Attack of the Clones scene

[Reduced resolution image reproduced from, original image copyright Lucasfilm, used here under what I hope qualifies as Fair Use, or at least acceptable fan use. Lucasfilm does not authorise or endorse this site.]

Doing this process made the original photos I took much closer in feel to the movie scene, and also to one another, as they varied slightly in colour due to the different camera angles I used and the interaction with my room lighting. To show you the difference, here is the original photo JPG file of the fourth panel (left) and the colour graded version (right):

photo comparison

A subtle difference, but one which definitely makes the Lego photo match the mood of the original Star Wars screenshot better.

For another example, here's something wacky:

in the mood of van Gogh's Starry Night

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