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Comic #4048

1 Minnesota Jones: On his death in 1193 Saladin divided his empire amongst his sons. His second son, Al-Aziz, gained the sultanate of Egypt.
2 Minnesota Jones: Al-Aziz was so offended by the heathen Pyramids that he ordered them destroyed. His workers created that scar on Menkaure’s Pyramid.
3 Minnesota Jones: But he had to give up because dismantling them was as much effort as building them.
4 Prof. Jones: Following your rambling anecdotes that start with non-sequiturs also takes as much effort as building the Pyramids.

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This is all true. Al-Aziz did indeed try to demolish the Pyramids, beginning with the Pyramid of Menkaure, and you can see the damage he did to it to this day.

The photo I used in the background of the comic is one I took myself in 1980:

Pyramid entrance

That's my brother standing in front of it. Unfortunately I was a bit close, so we don't get to see more of the Pyramid in the comic.

Here's a better view of the damage done to Menkaure's Pyramid:

Pyramid of Menkaure

(Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International by Daniel Mayer, from Wikimedia Commons)

One cool thing about the Pyramid of Menkaure is that some of the smooth facing stones are still present near the bottom, so you can get some idea of how the Pyramids would have looked in their prime, with smooth sloping faces, rather than the crumbling stepped appearance that they now have in most parts. The Pyramids really would have looked so much more amazing before suffering 4500 years of decay and abuse.

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