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<   No. 403   2004-03-03   >

Comic #403

1 {scene: the humid tropical Venezuelan jungle}
1 Prof. Jones: {wielding a machete} So, here we are, slogging through the jungle again.
2 Prof. Jones: Why's it always jungle, Junior? Why can't we go to... Switzerland, say?
3 Monty: There's nothing wild and unknown and dangerously exciting in Switzerland, dad.
4 Prof. Jones: I don't know... There was that masseuse at that hotel in Geneva...

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No, I've never been to Switzerland. Worse luck.

2013-02-11 Rerun commentary: Waiting for the ferry Since this comic was written, I have in fact been to Switzerland! In 2007 I took a holiday to Germany, and of course I had to visit Friedrichshafen, where Ferdinand von Zeppelin established his construction and testing facilities for airships, and which is now the home of the Zeppelin Museum. Friedrichshafen is on the north shore of Lake Constance, over which the very first zeppelin flights took place.

I arrived in the town late in the afternoon with my wife, and we were wandering around the town, discussing where to go for dinner. I suggested, "Well there's a ferry across the lake - we could go to Switzerland for dinner." And she said, "Yeah!"

So we took the ferry over to Romanshorn, and had a really nice dinner of potato rösti in a restaurant overlooking the water.

No masseuses, but there was some very nice chocolate.

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