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Comic #4008

1 Adam: Well, we have an opportunity to out-science Jane Goodall!
2 Adam: If we can discredit her research, maybe they'll strip her Damehood and make us Knights!
3 Jamie: But we're not British subjects.
3 Adam: Oh, right. Our observations won't be empirical.
4 Jamie: I mean they can't knight us.
4 Adam: Oh, right. I guess they'll just perform intolerable acts on us.

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I came up with two different punchlines for this and was trying to decide which was better...

All together now...

┬┐Por que no los dos?

The Intolerable Acts, by the way, were a set of laws passed by the British Parliament in 1774, shortly after the Boston Tea Party protest of December 1773, in which American colonists boarded East India Company ships in Boston Harbour and threw the cargo of tea overboard rather than pay the British tax on the shipment. Their grievance was that the tax was being levied despite the fact that the colony had no representation in the Parliament, thus violating their rights as British subjects.

In typical Brexit-esque fashion, the Parliament responded by getting all huffy and not addressing the real problem. Its members passed a series of four Acts designed to punish the colony and bring it back into line. Inevitably, this just made things worse, sparking more resentment and ultimately leading to the rebellion of 1776 which ended with the USA declaring independence from Britain.

The Acts were named by the British Parliament as the Boston Port Act, the Massachusetts Government Act, the Administration of Justice Act, and the Quartering Act, but in a classic example of history being written by the victors, they are now more commonly known by the term bestowed by the Americans, as "The Intolerable Acts".

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