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<   No. 4004   2019-05-30   >

Comic #4004

1 Terry: So we're at a university student party, with a canister of plutonium. But Steve hasn't reappeared.
2 Terry: We need more risk! What are we going to do??
3 Jane Goodall: Give it time...
4 Student: Hey! Let's go break into the particle accelerator and use it to mix drinks!
4 Jane Goodall: There we go.

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I presume the alcohol culture at British universities is similar to what I experienced in Australia, given that the legal age is 18, so pretty much all university students can legally buy and consume alcohol. I don't know what it's like in the US, where the minimum age is 21 - and so I presume most university undergraduates can't legally get alcohol. If the American TV I've seen is any indicator, this merely means that students illegally acquire alcohol and then go on ridiculous benders rather than have a quiet few at a civil party with friends.

(Actually, some students here get ridiculously drunk too, but I didn't hang out with that sort of crowd.)

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