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<   No. 3962   2019-04-02   >

Comic #3962

1 {scene: Immigration check at Cairo Airport}
1 Egyptian Immigration Officer: Occupation?
1 Monty: Archaeologist.
2 Egyptian Immigration Officer: Hmm. Are you visiting Egypt to steal any antiquities?
2 Monty: Uh... No. Definitely not.
3 Egyptian Immigration Officer: Are you here for business or leisure?
3 Monty: Um…
4 Minnesota Jones: Saving the world is serious business.
4 Prof. Jones: It is fun though.
4 Minnesota Jones: True.

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I had fun making the poster on the wall in the background.

I had "fun" getting the Arabic text. I plugged "Welcome to Egypt" into Google Translate, and it produced something. I copied the Arabic text and pasted it into a text field in Photoshop. And it looked nothing whatsoever like what I'd copied from Translate. "Okay," I thought, "It's probably because Arabic is written right to left. Maybe if I paste the characters into a text editor, and reverse the order, and then paste back into Photoshop, it'll look right."

I recopied the Arabic text from Translate and pasted into a Unicode supported text editor. And it looked like a third completely different thing.

I know Arabic is a relatively complex language for text processing and display, because there are many ligatures and situational letter forms that depend on surrounding letters, but I hadn't expected quite this level of difficulty. In the end I used the browser zoom function to view the Google Translate Arabic text as large as possible and copied a bitmap version of it.

I only hope it did the translation correctly and the sign doesn't say something rude in Arabic.

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